Welcome to Body & Core Pilates Studio

We would like to invite you to learn about Pilates, an exercise program sweeping the world with good reason. Pilates is not a craze but a legitimate longstanding program that has been around since the 1920s. At Body & Core Pilates, our highly trained, certified instructors, can properly evaluate their client’s goals and fitness level. They can then work with and challenge each client by customizing a program using the many tools available from Pilates and help them work towards their goals.

Our Mission…

Body & Core Pilates has made its mission to bring quality back to the fitness industry by giving each individual the attention they deserve. Body & Core Pilates also feels its main job is to lead with education. We teach our clients the meaning of proper posture and movement. There are hundreds of Pilates-based exercises to work with and as instructors, it is our job to match up the client with the exercises that are best suited for him or her. We try to always keep in mind the goal of the client and their ability. Body & Core Pilates feels that the original works of Joseph Pilates were always about quality and presenting the clients with an environment best suited for growth. Body & Core Pilates will continuously strive to do the same.

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